A Tribute to Talat Mahmood

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A Tribute to Talat Mahmood
(Memories of Family)
Sung by Mohamed Virjee

1) Meri Yaad Mein
2) Muhobbat Hi Na
3) Sab Kuch Lutake
4) Mera Qarar Leja
5) Jalte Hain Jiske
6) Aaja Tujhe Muhobbat
7) Ham Dard Ke Maronka
8) Be Rahem Asmaa
9) Zindagi Dene Wale
10) Ye Hawe Ye Raat
11) Sham-E-Gham
12) Aye Dil Mujhe Aysi

Dedicated to my dear friend Ahamed Ismail

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12 Replies to “A Tribute to Talat Mahmood”

  1. YAM , Mac.virjee.l was fortunate to come across the collection of beautiful humans so much impressed with your melodious voice that I can’t wait to write this email. Specially beautiful songs of Talat Muhamood.please let me know CD of these songs. I want to buy the cd. I am reciting hi and regularly am well known for many ginans. Please let me know if I am lucky to get the CD in questin
    My email. Sadrudin.lalji@gmail.com

  2. Thank you, Mohamed Virji. Very beautiful and playback singing voice that brings old memories of Tabora,Tanzania where we went to school together.I also remember that your parents were also very good singers during those old days.Very much impressed with your wonderful work and your melodious singing brings old beautiful memories of that time. YAM.
    Amin Remtulla

    1. Are you Khudabux’s brother? If you are I do remember our time in Tabora. We were in the same class.So happy to know you enjoyed listening to Talat’s cd. I have a new CD “Satgurna Shaloka” which is currently featured on Youtube.Hope you get a chance to listen.
      It opens with a preamble (introduction to Saloko Moto and nano) and additional 12 thematic tracks. Best wishes, Mohamed

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